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EuroCucina 2018

EuroCucina 2018

EuroCucina 2018

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Welcome Home

This year at EuroCucina, we demonstrated the ability of our appliances to go beyond the kitchen, creating a distinctly designed Gaggenau Home. Statement interior pieces and the unique decor were all carefully chosen to reflect and project the owner’s personality. Our aspirational domestic space was centred around the impressive and imposing new Vario refrigerators 400 series, itself inspired by grand architectural statements.

The new series offers exceptional technological abilities and may be finished in imposing stainless steel or kitchen furniture material. The purity of design extends throughout the range, both inside and out. The grandeur of the handleless cooling wall gives way to the clean lines of the stainless steel, warmly-lit interior.

Discover our new Vario refrigerators 400 series

A life reflected in possessions


“Our domestic lifestyle is the ultimate expression of individual culture.”

Hendrik Müller, Architect

Architects einszu33 created the Gaggenau Home, a unique spatial experience that connected visitors with the concept of Gaggenau’s grand architectural statement. Over the last decade Gaggenau and einszu33 have built a successful partnership, cooperating closely on global showrooms, trade fairs and exclusive events.

Aston Martin

“Proportion is the bedrock of this car. DB11 is a piece of sculpture to me.”

Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer

Instantly recognizable, the DB11 is an immaculate expression of the automotive art. To preserve their world-renowned design purity, Aston Martin has distilled down the concept to its very essence. This is an approach we know only too well.

Schotten & Hansen

“The most valuable products are those able to withstand the test of time and maintain their beauty.”

Torben Hansen, Founder

Schotten & Hansen is a leading manufacturer of high quality wooden interiors and flooring. Our appreciation of working with the best materials and people has drawn us to Schotten & Hansen who have furnished our Home with flooring, panels, worktop, bench and ceiling.


“Form follows function, that is the foundation.”

Axel Meise, CEO and Designer

The Mito redefines the future of light: a symbiosis of perfect design, magical features and unparalleled effects. We share Occhio’s unique fascination with details and exceptional quality. This mindset is why we use Occhio lighting in each of our flagship showrooms.

Walter Knoll

“A modern lounge chair that supports the rituals of our technology driven lifestyle.”

Markus Benz, CEO, Walter Knoll

The Healey Lounge chair is a modern mood piece, fitting equally well into our Home or office.Both we and Walter Knoll champion timeless design and artisanship. Our rich histories, passion and continued pursuit of advancement help to improve how people live.

Espacio Micus

“Everyone has two poles: light and shadow, heaven and earth, still and moving. Contrasts enhance each other.”

Eduard Micus, Artist

As with all of Eduard Micus’s work, ‘Coudrage 367’ is dominated by composition. Eduard designed and built the Espacio Micus gallery on Ibiza: an intuitively composed set of white rooms. This grand architectural statement appeals to us.


“Ex-Libris is a precious glass cabinet whose transparency elegantly separates a space without dividing it.”

Piero Lissoni, Designer

Porro pieces stand out from the norm. The bookcase of black metal, dark oak, and glass panels is barely there, yet beautiful. The creation of pieces that facilitate, enable and showcase the owner’s taste, is a goal that drives both us and Porro.

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg

“A Nymphenburg artist is interested in pushing the technical possibilities of porcelain.”

Ingrid Harding, Head of Product Development

‘Raven’ in black biscuit porcelain, by Wilhelm Neuhäuser in 1911, is a classic example of a Nymphenburg. For both ourselves and Nymphenburg, design is a means to opening up new perspectives, consistently advancing and shifting the limits of what is possible.

Sotheby’s Wine

“For some wine lovers it is not about the pop of the cork, but the bang of the gavel…”

Financial Times

From the special to the exceptional, such as the Château Cheval Blanc 1947, Sotheby’s Wine offer a wealth of temptations for our new wine climate cabinets. We are also both committed to connecting people with their passions and delivering extraordinary experiences.

Home Connect

Witness the beginning of the future of cooking. Aided by a digital device, the private chef can set their oven or wine climate cabinet’s temperature. They can adjust lighting, send navigation information to their car and so much more, and all remotely.

See the future.