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400 series Table ventilation 400 series Stainless steel Width 90 cm


Additional information

  • Power levels depend on the selected remote fan unit.
  • 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive mode.
  • Interval ventilation, 6 min.
  • Run-on function, 6 min.
  • Grease filter saturation indicator.
  • Cartridge-type filter, dishwasher-safe.
  • Neutral white surface LED light (3600 K), continuously dimmable.
  • Lamp output 4 x 5 W.
  • Illuminance 191 lx.
  • Spare covers for closing air outlets.
  • No connecting piece included.
  • Sound level min. 45 dB / max. 61 dB normal mode.
Planning notes
  • Secure the control unit to the side panel of the cabinet, not to the base of the cabinet or the kitchen floor.
  • Connection to the respective appliances via network cable.
  • For operation with 2 appliances 400 series or a cooktop configuration of up to 92 cm wide.
  • Operation of Vario cooking appliances only possible without appliance cover.
  • Max. output of cooktops 18 kW.
  • In combination with the cooktop CI 290, installation in 60 cm deep worktops is possible.
  • If the remote fan unit is installed within the bottom cabinet and if combined with VK or VF ensure accessibility to the outlets.
  • Installation is possible in worktops made of stone, synthetics or solid wood. Heat resistance and watertight sealing of the cut edges must be observed. Concerning other materials please consult the worktop manufacturer.
  • The remaining surface of the worktop (min. 50 mm) between the cut-outs must be reinforced with a support. It is recommended to use furniture support AA 409 401/431.
  • Ovens that do not exceed the maximum allowed cabinet temperature can be combined with the table ventilation if built-in situation permits.
  • To avoid smoke when frying/grilling refer to the manuals of VR/VP.
  • When installing a ventilation hood with air extraction mode and a chimney-vented fireplace, the power supply line of the ventilation appliance needs a suitable safety switch.
  • Total connected load 65 W.
  • Connecting cable 1.7 m, pluggable.
  • Network cable 1,2 m.